Monday, January 14, 2008

a plug for my husband

If you were at Otter yesterday morning you heard my husband, Jeff, and Kyle Rigsby get up and introduce the newest ministry for men...The Brotherhood is going to be an incredible thing for those that seek it out. I would encourage you to encourage your husbands to give it a chance. They don't want to fill up a calender...they want to fill up lives. Men need other men just like we need other women.

One thing that has already been in place for several months is the weekly Samson meeting on Thursday evenings. I know your first reaction is 'not another night for him to be away', but it is worth the extra effort on your part to let him go. The men that have been going can attest to their lives being changed...Jeff is a better man now than he was a year ago. I always reserve the right to ask him to come home, but I try to save it for those extra bad evenings. I also try to plan our day around an early bed time that evening to give myself a break:)
If you have any questions feel free to contact me or Jeff.

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