Thursday, January 17, 2008

Bernie's 10 Commandments for a Meaningful Marriage

1. Thou shalt prioritize thy life. (Think of yourselves as the "royal three." God first, spouse second, next comes children, then career.
2. Thou shalt remember all birthdays and anniversaries. (Thoughtfulness is next to Godliness)
3. Thou shalt never say "this is my money." (A spin off to that is make no major purchases or contributions without consulting the other.)
4. Thou shalt not trash your in-laws in public. (When you marry accept his/her family, warts and all - remember some of your relatives aren't so hot either.)
5. Thou shalt be the first to say "I'm sorry." (The old line from a 70's movie "Love is never having to say I'm sorry" is a big lie.)
6. Thou shalt keep a sense of humor. (Remember, if you can't laugh at yourself, others will.)
7. Thou shalt not make plans without consulting the other. (See commandment 2 concerning thoughtfulness.)
8. Thou shalt pray together every day. (This is the great equalizer.)
9. Thou shalt present a united front. (This is especially important when disciplining children.)
10. Thou shalt create a home that everyone want to return to.

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elizabeth said...

Thanks, Cynthia. I would have liked to have been there.