Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Prayer "Schedule"

So here I am, about to post my first-ever contribution to a blog! (Other than just commenting on someone else's post, of course.) Sadly, it just took me about 20 minutes to figure out HOW to do it! Welcome to 2007, Melissa...

Cynthia asked me to take this precipitous leap into the 21st century and post the prayer "schedule" I mentioned in class tonight. I hate to use the word schedule, so if you have another suggestion, bring it on. Actually I love schedules, but it just doesn't seem to go with prayer.

Anyway, here it is. My friend's was a little different & I tweaked it to fit my needs. It has freed me from compulsive perfectionism in my prayer life & allowed me to really focus on one group of people. I hope it helps somebody the way it has me.

Monday-self & immediate family
Tuesday-extended family
Wednesday-church (ministers, programs, teachers, elders, missionaries, members' needs)
Friday-others' needs (ie, prayer requests from friends, internet, etc)
Saturday-my community & the world (politics, leaders, issues, lost people everywhere)


Amy Westerman said...

Thanks, Melissa! :)

Mary Alice said...

Melissa, This is wonderful. I have missed class now for 2 weeks because we've been sick and I just discovered that you had posted this.

Sometimes I get so overwhelmed by my prayers. What a wonderful guideline you have given me (and us) to help us stay focused and intentional.

Thanks you!